Because I am a Girl.

3 incredibily loving girls in Hemlock decided that they want to make a difference to the lives of girls all over the world that are missing out on vital rights such as the right to a childhood, the right to marry someone they love, and the right to an education. To do this, a number of students in year 5 have been working hard to make friendship bracelets to sell at the Summer Fayre on Friday afternoon.




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Ball Games, Baking and Bread

Year 6 had an amazing day today and were  baking up a treat in the art room. It was amazing to see year 6 working together to create some amazing freshly baked bread. Everyone listened really well, they followed the instructions carefully and they left with some amazing treats they can be proud of! Well done team.

After break Sycamore (version 2) wrote up some amazing instructional texts about how they made the bread! Some people put in a lot of effort and wrote like crazy!

Our day ended with a bit of food tasting! We tasted a whole variety of bread to see what they tasted like, we compared different types of bread to each other to see which one was our favourite. We tried: Bagels, Seed Rolls, Croissants, Pita Bread and Brioche (I think this one was the favourite!)

Well done to Sycamore and Sugar Maple for having such a great day.

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