6O Sing the Blues!

In Music today we listened to a blues song and then wrote our own lyrics to go with some blues chords.

We then used xylophones to play 3-note chords by each playing a different note.

Here’s the result!

Can you remember the chords we needed to use?

This video doesn’t exist

Year 6 use all their senses in their descriptive writing

IMG_0322Cautiously padding through the forest, the silence of the night was broken by the rustling of leaves. Struggling, I tried to heave my feet out of the muddy and squelchy ground. As I looked around, something caught my eye. A wolf? No!! Wolf like branches lay twisted along the floor with fang like leaves. Everything was silent…Suddenly, the wind howled, “GO BACK NOW!!!”

By Connor, Rosie and John.

Reluctantly edging through the isolated forest, I stepped slowly with caution. The howling of the gushing wind taunted my mind, decreasing my focus. The revolting stench of the dead meat invaded my nostrils; claw-like tree branches reached out to capture me, as I crushed the long grass beneath my feet.

By TJ, Jack F and Abdullah.

Gently wondering through the chilly, black, damp forest, I followed the pathway into the curved archway of trees. The trees swayed rhythmically backwards and forwards like a ballet dancer. Struggling through the twigs which looked like witches’ fingers, I trudged upon the earthly carpet, made up of grass and squirmy mud.

By Zoe, Alfie S and Harry.