Exciting Science

Year 5 have been investigating gases. Because many gases are invisible, we have been experimenting with equipment to find ways to prove that air exists. We filled bags with air, created pressure and sounds, weighed air, created bubbles and used air as a pushing force.

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Year 4 visit the Tower of London

Tower of London

Year 4 visited Tower of London today, where we found out more information about King Henry VIII and the different events that happened in London during his time as King. Year 4 did very well in answering questions and showing just how well DBJ children can behave! Below are a few pictures to show some of the things we got up to….


Year 5 Text Map

Year 5 are studying explanation texts and have started to create a text map and created actions for an explanation text about trolls. Using images and actions to memorise a text helps with language when you come to write your own explanation text.

In groups, Year 5 were each given a paragraph to text map and memorise. We would like you to continue this at home.

Why trolls are dangerous

Who can memorise their paragraph?
Who can memorise the whole text?