Year 4 Sporthouse Event

On Friday, Year 4 were lucky to attend a sporting event in Mayesbrook Sport House and represent DBJ in a variety of sports such as athletics, basketball and handball. We were all divided in teams where we faced other schools in the hope to gain the highest score in all the events. It was an outstanding day full of laughter and team work and thanks to Team 20, DBJ came out with a trophy!

Well done to everyone who took part in this event; you were all very well behaved and definitely showed the DBJ team spirit by encouraging other members in your teams!

Year 4’s Astronomy Roadshow!

In Year 4 English, we are learning about science fiction stories and the different features they come along with. In order to gain some ideas on what we can add to our own sci-fi stories, we had a special visitor give us more information about space and the different planets, including how big they are and how different they are to our planet Earth.

We had an amazing time learning more about Earth, the Moon as well as the other planets whilst sitting in a big, dark dome with stars inside!

Here are some pictures to show what we got up to:

Question for the Year 4’s:

* What was your favourite part of the roadshow?

* What can you include in your sci-fi story that you might not have included before the roadshow?