Tag Rugby Competition……..


Bailey, John, Emmanuel, Lamina, Jack. Micheal, Owen, Precious, Chloe.

On Friday 28th November 2014, we took 1 team of 9 players to a tag rugby competition at Barking Rugby Club. 16 teams took part and we were placed in group 2 with Valence, Ardley Green and Roding.  Our 1st match was against Roding, who had some very good “runners”, as this was our 1st EVER game, we started slowly but soon started to relax and play rugby, we lost this game 4-2, but lernt some valuable lessons. Our 2nd match was against Valence (Paul’s team), which we played very well and started to understand the game a bit better winning 3-1 🙂 The last game of the group was against a very organised side from out of this borough, Ardley Green, having watched and lernt some tactics, it was now or never to put them into practice, well this was our best match yet, or should I say more like a tennis match! We scored, they scored, we scored, they scored……… the end result was a 6 all draw! Nervously we waited for the overall results, Mandy thought we were going home early, the team were almost packing their bags but…… We made the Plate semi final – woo hoo We now had to play Beam, who also made it through, this was a very tense and close10 minute match, we managed to score 1st, only for Beam to score straight away, the game ended 5-4 to us = FINALS 😁 Wow, so another final for the DBJA children, this time it was against William Bellamy, now before I go on, there was a problem as WB only had 6 players and they asked us if they could borrow 1 of our children 😳 so after a little team talk Chloe said she would help out WB, so this was a tough game as we were playing against our own.  But in good faith we played to win and we did just that winning 5-1. So Chloe got a 1st and 2nd place medal as she played for both teams and played fairly. The referee gave Chloe ‘player of the competition’ for good sportsmanship. Once again myself and Mandy are very proud of the team and their hard work, giving up 2 lunchtimes a week.  This is proof if you all work hard, you can achieve amazing things. Well done and keep up the positive work. Lee & Mandy

Turn Up Tony Team Teaches

Turn Up Tony has been spending his time in Banyan class this week. He has done everything from role playing to homework marking, group work to behaviour management and he’s even been helping Miss Scattini to team teach!

Turns out, Turn Up Tony is quite the teacher!

Banyan have been having quite a wonderful week. We have been role playing emotions and writing play scripts. We have been collecting and displaying data. We have been working super hard to get to gold and to reach our Literacy and Math targets. Who else is striving toward achieving a new target?


Inspiring Students

Every Tuesday, I have the privilege of working with some truly talented artists within Dorothy Barley Junior Academy. As the Exhibition Art club teacher I see the creative and artistic side of a number of pupils. During our club time on Tuesday this week I asked my students to write what it meant to them to have youth or to be young. This has been the underlying theme of our exhibition work. One particular pupil, Jasmine, from year six, had me in tears with the beautiful responses she wrote to my questions.

Jasmine inspired the entire club with her deeply thoughtful and genuine answers. This piece of writing is one that I believe everyone should read.

JasmineThank you Jasmine for sharing your inspirational words with the world.

‘If you have a dream then live it, never put it to sleep.’

-Jasmine, Yr 6

What Is Safe To Share On The Internet?

Have you ever wondered what you can post on the internet about yourself?
What is private and what is personal? What can we tell others who we are talking to?
Check out what Spruce has come up with to help you

Full Name
Full Address of where you live or are staying
Bank Details
Telephone numbers
Your date of birth (day/month/year)
Pictures of yourself
Pictures of others
Where you will be or where you are going
Other peoples private details (all of the above)