Turn Up Tony Visits Hemlock Again

Hemlock were again visited by Turn Up Tony because we are obviously the best in the school at being in class!

Turn Up Tony was absolutely treated this week with a Monsters Inc. dress up day, music lessons, carol concert and even our class party.

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What are you doing this Christmas?

Being an Australian who has only lived here for four months, most of London and the UK is still very new to me!

This will be my first ever Christmas in England, so I am wondering what a traditional Christmas looks like for most of you.

What do your families do over Christmas? What do you eat on Christmas? Do you play any Christmas games? Can you recommend any places that I should visit over my holiday?


Calling all Year 5 and 6 Parents


Please can we ask that you take the time to follow the link and fill in the questionnaire. Reach2 want to ask for your feedback on the 11b411 adventures that the children took part in (Year 5 – Messing around on the River and Year 6 – Flashmob)


Thank you for taking the time to do this 🙂

Merry Christmas from Banyan

Merry Christmas

May the spirit of Christmas,

Fill you with joy.

And you all take a moment to remember,

It’s not all about the toys.

Be thankful for what you have,

Say a prayer or two.

For the people on Christmas,

Less fortunate than you.

For the year that has passed,

And the one that is to come.

We thank you and wish you,

Another one full of fun!

With Love,

Miss Scattini & Banyan class