Year 5 Visit the Toy Museum

In Design and Technology, Year 5 have been learning how to make their own moving toys with pivots and have visited the Toy Museum at Bethnal Green to see toys through history and the mechanisms that make them work.



‘We had a really fun time. We learnt a lot about how the toys work, and we saw lots of different types of mechanisms. We also got to dress up in different periods, such as Victorian.’ – Florjana (Hemlock).


Year 5 what was your favourite part?

5th Placed School in LBBD 😬……

A massive well done to the Year 5&6 Indoor Athletics Team. 5th Place in the borough, out of 31 schools 😃

Today we took 18 children to the SHA Finals, the final 8 schools were, Monteagle, Beam, Warren, William Bellamy, US, Henry Green, Eastbury, Leys. It was a great afternoon, with jumping and throwing and of course running!

Hopefuly in the next week we should get the individual results, keep your eyes peeled.

Girls Team – Anya, Charis, Temi, Precious, Ella, Masie, Billie, Natania & Natasha

Boys Team – Ridwan, Semi, CJ, Christopher, John, Emanuelle, Olomachi, Nelson, Lamina

Once again well done, you can all rest now! 😋

Lee & Mandy