Play the evolution game!

We’ve been learning about Evolution in Science this term in Year 6.

Evolution is the process where animals gradually become better adapted to where they live or what they eat, over thousands of years.

Did you know that humans have evolved over million years from creatures who looked more like chimpanzees!

We found a great game online – can you create a creature that will survive?

Charles Darwin Evolution Game!

Year 6 – what tip can you give children to help create a species that will survive? Why does this work?

Which charity should we donate to? You decide!

School Council have selected four British charities which we think do important work.

Help for Heroes


Teenage Cancer Trust


We would like all children at DBJ to help decide which of these charities should get the money from our next non-uniform day!

Watch the videos below, and click on the links above, to help you decide which to vote for.

The charity which the most children have chosen will be announced in assembly next week….!

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What We’re Reading Weekly: Spread the Word

Good Hello blog readers!

Have you heard? After last weeks blog What We’re Reading Weekly post I have recieved some (much appreciated) comments and messages about what students all over the school have been reading.


One very important person and one very important dragon have even joined in!

Can you guess who they are?

It is of course Ms Leicester who is currently reading ‘To Rise again at a decent hour’ (which sounds like a fabulous book just from the title!) and Turn Up Tony!


Err…Tony, could you please…move? It is very hard to type a blog post with your fabulous hair and glistening ears in the way of the screen.

Tony wanted to help me with this weeks What We’re Reading Weekly blog post because he simply loves reading, so we went in search of some books. Here are some photos from our adventure:

Tony searches for a good book to read…


He reads about The Dragon Painter…


But then finds a history book about Vikings! This will help Year 6 out for their topic studies…


Tony gets comfy reading all about Olaf the Viking!


So what are we reading THIS week?

Paige and Olivia from Sycamore both filled in book review slips (which can be found outside Sycamore classroom); thanks girls for taking the time to do that!

Olivia – Is currently reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. She is finding the book very interesting and funny (at the same time!)

Paige – Is currently reading Awful Auntie which is about a girl who is sent to live with her Auntie (and apparently she isn’t very nice!) The book is by David Walliams and Paige says “It’s very funny!”

Huge Thank you to Ms Leicester, Turn up Tony, Paige and Olivia for featuring in this edition of What We’re Reading Weekly!