Black Oak visit the Clink Prison

On 27 January 2016, Black Oak ventured into deepest darkest London to visit one of the first prisons in the capital, originally set up by the Bishop of Westminster.

The trip linked to Year 4’s Topic work on Crime and Punishment, and the children got to hear about crimes committed at the time the prison was founded and the punishments people received. They discussed whether these were justified, what they would do if in the same situation and how these crimes differed to crimes and punishments today. Black Oak then got to explore the prison and experience different punishments which would have been given at the time the prison was founded, such as sitting in stocks, on a prison chair and being branded. Miss Stanborough was even beheaded for crimes against the state!!


Black Oak would like to thank everyone at the Clink Prison for an enjoyable, informative visit!

Egyptian Day!

This half term, year 3 are studying the Ancient Egyptians, so we thought what better way to learn about them than to live a day as an Egyptian?

The children learned how the Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics as their alphabet and tried to create their own coded messages!

We then split the year group into 4, mixed classes groups so that we could deliver 4 different Ancient Egyptian activities. We made canopic jars out of clay, Egyptian headdresses for a sarcophagus, hieroglyphic tablets and mummified an apple using salt, baking powder and tissue!

During the afternoon, the children were able to go into each room and see what had been made and why the Ancient Egyptians did this. We then learned a dance ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ at the end of the day and performed to Mr Buckingham!

There were some amazing costumes worn by children and staff! Here are some pictures of the day, can you spot yourself and your friends?

Aspirations Week in Black Oak!

This week, Dorothy Barley Junior Academy have been celebrating Aspirations Week.

In Year 4, we have been writing CVs, practising interview techniques,  writing a letter to our future selves and making aspirations word walls.

We have also listened to talks from a beauty therapist, Educational Psychologist and a police officer.


On Friday, we dressed up as workers in the jobs we want to be when we are older. These ranged from footballers to teachers, doctors to builders, vets to karate instructors and designers to actors and artists.

We were really inspired to reach for the sky and have high aspirations.

Miss Robertson and Miss Stanborough can’t wait to see whether everyone reaches their goals!