Easter comes to Black Oak

This week, Black Oak have been celebrating Easter by writing storyboards of the Easter story in RE, taking part in the Easter bonnet competition and creating poems using humour, with some of the poems having an Easter theme.

Some examples of our poems and the Easter bonnets and t-shirts are below.

Black Oak would like to wish everyone a happy Easter and a wonderful 2 weeks off.







Black Oak visit Tesco

On Tuesday 21 March, Black Oak visited Tesco in Goodmayes to understand the journey that food takes to reach our plate. The session was called ‘Farm to Fork’.

The visit began with the class discussing where food comes from, as well as talking about transportation, packaging and how to keep food fresh. The class were then given a tour of the Tesco store, including delivery rooms and coolers, before tasting different types of cheese. During the cheese tasting, Black Oak had to discuss and write down adjectives about the difference in look, taste and texture between the cheeses. The class ended their trip learning about fish and being shown how a fish is prepared for the table.

Black Oak had a wonderful visit and would like to thank everyone at Tesco, Goodmayes for being so welcoming and informative.

Please find some pictures of our exciting morning below.

Learning about the journey of our food:


Learning about loading bays, delivery rooms and cooler temperatures on the tour of the store:


Black Oak analysing cheese and fish:

Banyan’s Class Assembly

This morning, Banyan had their class assembly. This was their chance to share everything they’ve learnt about so far this term.

They displayed the Royal portraits they worked so hard on during Art, showed off their gymnastics and tennis skills from PE, explained how to classify animals in Science, discussed their Eastbury Manor trip for Topic, acted out a scene from English and used plenty of movements to showcase their Maths skills! Banyan worked extremely hard and it definitely showed in their performance.

Be proud of everything you’ve achieved so far and keep it up! Well done, Banyan!