Barley Bear’s Week in Banyan

Last week, Banyan class had 100% attendance. As a reward, we got to spend time with Barley Bear this week! We were so excited because it had been a while since we last saw him in our class.

We were up to lots of activities and luckily, Barley Bear was there to help us when we needed it and he encouraged us when we needed to be encouraged. He helped us during our grammar lesson (he was even able to sneak in a nap), played word class Bingo with us, showed off a few of his balance skills during PE, read with us in the Library and he was even able to celebrate Tristen’s birthday with us!

Here are some pictures of Barley Bear’s fun filled week in Banyan. We hope to see him again soon!

Year 4 Trip to Eastbury Manor House

On Thursday 9th March and Friday 10th March, Year 4 went on a trip to Eastbury Manor House in Barking. The four classes learnt all about what life would have been like in Tudor times.

Here are few things we did on those days:

  • We explored the herb garden where we learnt about what people in Tudor times used to season their food.
  • We were also able to play with a few toys children would have played with.
  • A few of us were able to try on some clothes that boys and girls would have worn back then.

Here are some pictures from the trip. All four classes definitely had a blast!