Year 6 Disaster Day!

To celebrate the end of their topic, Year 6 took part in a ‘Disaster Day’ applying their learning from the past 7 weeks.

Over the course of the morning, the children exploded their volcanoes that they had made in art lessons. They then evaluated whether using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar or coke and mentos produced a better eruption.

Year 6 also learnt about First Aid and how to give basic medical assistance in the event of a disaster. Following this, the children acted out disaster scenarios and administered basic first aid on each other using the knowledge they had just acquired.

Finally, the classes were split into groups to design a disaster proof building using newspaper, straws and tape. They discussed the benefits and limits of various structures, heights and widths. In some classes, earthquakes were then simulated to double check whether the buildings would survive.

Some pictures of the day are below.

img_0006 img_0012 img_0018 img_0020 img_0025 img_0029 img_0033 img_0036 img_0044 img_0046 img_0048 img_0069 img_0084 img_0086 img_0090

London School Games 2015


Barking & Dagenham 3v3 Basketball Team 2015

(AKA – Dorothy Barley Junior Academy)

Today 1st July, we took our basketball team to Crystal Palace National Sports Ground to play against 32 other boroughs.  A very hot day, saw us getting on a 2 trains all before 10am!  Once we arrived, we went and had a look around, there was hundreds of children from all over London.

We found the basketball courts and settled our luggage down, then off for a warm up.  Some of the other children very, very, very tall, Nelson asked the same boy about 3 times, his age and school year as he was taller than Kieron and looked like a man!

So the teams were divided into 8 groups of 4 teams, with only the top team, going through to the semi-finals.  In our group we had Havering, Hounslow and  Hamersmith & Fulham.  Our 1st match was against Havering, we lost this game 10-0 (I think our team were nervous).  But in true DBJA sprit we bounced back winning the next game 2-0. By now Havering had won both their games and we could see that it was going to be between them and us!

Then we had lunch and went to explore the other sports, we found the football and went and had a kick around in the football dome.  Kieron managed to find the smallest goal ever!

So our last game we had a swap around and won 16-4. Now we were the only team to score the maxim 16 points in a game, but unfortunately it wasnt enough as Harvering won the group, with us coming a close 2nd.  Havering went on to win the whole Competion, so we don’t mind losing to the top team in London.

Well done to all 8 of our children. You worked hard to get this far, not a lot of children your age can say they played for their borough. 😃🏀👍

**** UPDATE **** We came 14th in the Competion, out of 33 teams 🙂 WoW #proud

Ball Games, Baking and Bread

Year 6 had an amazing day today and were  baking up a treat in the art room. It was amazing to see year 6 working together to create some amazing freshly baked bread. Everyone listened really well, they followed the instructions carefully and they left with some amazing treats they can be proud of! Well done team.

After break Sycamore (version 2) wrote up some amazing instructional texts about how they made the bread! Some people put in a lot of effort and wrote like crazy!

Our day ended with a bit of food tasting! We tasted a whole variety of bread to see what they tasted like, we compared different types of bread to each other to see which one was our favourite. We tried: Bagels, Seed Rolls, Croissants, Pita Bread and Brioche (I think this one was the favourite!)

Well done to Sycamore and Sugar Maple for having such a great day.

Click below to check out all of the photos!