Year 3 Homework

Due the week beginning 19th October

Here is the homework for this week. Please ensure that you complete the homework and it is handed in on Wednesday 21st October. The homework is to be written with the date, LO and success criteria into their homework books with the homework underneath

19.10.15 document

 19.10.15 pdf

Please make sure reading is happening every day for ten minutes and you are practicing your times tables. We expect to see their reading/homework diaries every day to check that they are reading at home.

NOTE: There will be letters coming home to children who have not given in their reading journals and read for 3 out of the 5 school days. If reading has not happened over the course of 2 weeks, a phone call home will be made. Children are able to sign their reading journals when they have read and if parents could check this then that would be great.

Please comment with any questions or suggestions you have.

96 thoughts on “Year 3 Homework

  1. The first question in the maths home work does not make sence
    1)How much would it cost Sam to buy a can of cola and some orange juice? £3.34
    If Sam pays with £2.00 how much change will he have? _____
    you can not take £3.34 away from £2.00

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