Year 6 Homework

Homework this year

We want our children to build their memory of spellings and key number facts at home this year.

Because of this, the children will have a weekly practice sheet in their homework book every week, which can be completed daily – I would suggest doing one column of spelling practice and one column of number facts practice every day; this is better for remembering the facts that doing them all in one go!

In addition, children will choose two activities from the half-termly project sheet, which is also stuck into their homework book. Feel free to help your child with these projects – the more detailed and imaginative the better!

The project sheet can also be found below; we will not be publishing the weekly practice sheet on this blog as it needs to be completed on paper in the children’s homework book.

Half-Termly Project Sheet – Disasters


33 thoughts on “Year 6 Homework

  1. Miss Andrews needs to give the maths homework plz!!!!!!!!!!! so that i can get it over and done with I dont want to be checking a million times for the homework every day!!plz give the homework already!( even though I hate homework)

      • It’s totally fine. Thank you! Also thank you miss Andrews! I have now done my homework. If I knew there was technical issues I wouldn’t moan!!!!! Sorry !!!!!

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